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Michael Chance

My Background

I began my piercing career in 1999 at Piercology in Columbus, OH. While I was there I had the opportunity to work along side amazing piercers, not only coworkers, but also some of the most influential people in the industry. With the expertise of people like Steve Joyner, Luis Garcia, and David Vidra, I was able to elevate my skill set. After leaving Piercology I went on to traveling some and had the opportunity to work at some of the best/busiest studios in North America. During my travels, I had the privilege to start working in body suspension with Emrys Yetz and Rites of Passage suspension group. I’ve also had the privilege to work with CoRE (Constucts of Ritual Evolution) and am currently a member of the ihung suspension team. After my travels, I landed back in Columbus where I continued to work for Piercology for a few more years, rounding out my 10 year career from there. In 2017 I shifted my focus and began work at Evolved Body Art for 3 years. The epic year of 2020 came, I was pushed into exploring a new path for my career. I came to the realization that many studios in my industry had become too corporatized and was lacking the direct care and compassion that I believe each piercing experience should be focused. I chose to venture into a partnership with Elysium Body Enhancements so I could focus that attention on my clients ensuring they have the quality of care I value. The environment of Elysium Body Enhancements was established with this as the main focus. They have taken themselves out of the chaos of the high volume production line allowing only a small number of clients in the studio at the time of their appointments as to establish a calming more relaxed environment. With every client, my time is focused on establishing trust and comfort prior to any procedure.  I offer the highest quality fine jewelry with a guarantee backed by the manufacture including gold and titanium options.



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